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IMiN, Secure Instant Messaging

Why ™?

Why choose IMiN over a competitor's product? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance through built-in message logging
    In today's high-accountability environments, IMiN™ is SOX-compliant because it saves a log of messages on a central database.

  • Runs on an internal network
    IMiN™ is more secure because it runs on an internal network, so your messages are not transmitted over the internet.

  • Permission-based access
    IMiN™ is more secure because you control who can access it and perform what function.

  • Ease of deployment
    Active Directory integration makes IMiN™ easier to deploy in your environment than other solutions.

  • One-touch keys
    User-configurable buttons make single-click messaging and responding easy!

We are ready to earn your business today!

Try IMiN™ free for 30 days!

With all the software in the world that claims to do much more than it really does, we believe in letting our customers try our products risk free and decide for themselves. To try the fully functional production version of IMiN™ for 30 days, Call us Toll-Free at 877.317.5148.

We are ready to earn your business today! Call us at 877.317.5148 and schedule your FREE consultation or Press Here to use our consultation request form!