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IMiN, Secure Instant Messaging

™ Overview!

Why Instant Messaging in Business?

Other than talking on the telephone and e-mailing, fast communication within an office is difficult. Talking on the telephone limits the ability to multi-task and e-mailing does not offer an immediate response. A form of instant and unobtrusive communication is necessary in every high functioning ffice and IMiN™ provides exactly that.

IMiN™ is an effective and user-friendly instant messaging program. It allows for users to continue working while receiving instant messages from people within the office or colleagues who are remote but online within a secure network. It does not disrupt phone calls or important meetings and allows the users to decide, discreetly, whether or not they want to be interrupted. Executives will find it especially valuable for their administrative assistants to contact them using this product. While in a meeting or on a call, the executive can send a quick message to the assistant via IMIN™ if he or she needs something - and the meeting or call can continue uninterrupted.

The benefits of IMIN™ are many, but there are three that are especially appealing to companies:

  • Security
    IMIN™ is completely secure, allowing only people who are in your user network to contact you. This prohibits the possibility of receiving spam and dreadful computer viruses.

  • Corporate Governance
    Along with being completely secure, IMIN™ also saves all dialogues in a history log. Every conversation through IMIN™ is logged on the server, accessible by users, and can be found and referenced at any time. You can retrieve anything that was communicated on the system, which cuts down on confusion or misunderstandings.

    Furthermore, companies can search and retrieve conversations which are encrypted allowing companies to adhere to compliances such Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or individual corporate requirements.

  • Simplicity
    The auto reply mode allows users to implement a message that automatically responds to any communications they receive. By using the auto reply mode, the user does not even have to be at the computer to respond.

    The Enterprise Business Services (EBS) platform allows an administrator to update client desktops via a "push" approach allowing them to make changes without having to visit each user's computer.

Increased Employee Productivity

Using IMIN™ in your office will cut down on having to constantly check e-mail and spending valuable moments on the phone. It will let you do more important tasks while still keeping in constant communication with your staff and colleagues. IMIN™ can accommodate a large number of users in the system making it very convenient for large companies to talk to everyone in the office. It is easy to learn and even easier to use. The many features of IMIN™ will make business communication efficient and successful.

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