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Database Servers Sales and Service

Keep your organization on track with a database system designed to help you make faster decisions, increase your productivity, while helping you reduce business overhead costs. We support both Microsoft SQL Server and MYSQL database systems. Get a database platform that is right for you!

A glance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005: SQL Server 2005 extends the strengths of SQL Server 2000 by providing an integrated data management and analysis solution that can help organizations of any size to do the following:

  • Build, deploy, and manage enterprise applications that are more secure, scalable, and reliable.
  • Maximize IT productivity by reducing the complexity of developing and supporting database applications.
  • Share data across multiple platforms, applications, and devices to make it easier to connect internal and external systems.

SQL server advances your data infrastructure in three key areas: enterprise data management, developer productivity, and business intelligence. It also breaks the ground in affordable pricing and licensing, upgrade paths to SQL Server 2005, and the Microsoft Windows Server System.

Some of the database services we provide:

  • Database design
  • Database management
  • Database migrations
  • Database system installations and support
  • Database recomendations
  • Database upgrades

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