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Managed Services: Monitoring Services

Do you know when your network, web site, or a physical device has gone offline? With our Monitoring Services and an Onsite Manager Client App you can manage all IP devices and web sites within a singe Managed Workplace. The Onsite Manager alerts the Managed Workplace directly of your network, device, or web sites status and all results are tracked and displayed on the Central Dashboard status screen.

Setup is simple and usually does not require any firewall modifications. We install the Onsite Manager App on an existing Windows XP computer or provide a new Windwos XP based appliance. The Onsite Manager App includes an easy to use auto-discovery utility. The Managed Workplace allows you to customize monitoring based on specific devices and applications.

Onsite Manager can monitor the following devices, protocols and events:

  • Network devices and systems
  • Systems and network performance
  • Windows and Customizable event logs
  • POP3, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, SMTP, DNS, NNTP, IMAP, LDAP, and any other Custom TCP Port

The Onsite Manager includes an expert system component which filters and processes all data and sends this critical health data to our service center to be viewed in the Managed Workplace. Using WMI, advanced SNMP and ICMP monitoring and alerting, Managed Workplace can gather such data as device heartbeat, Windows event logs, custom event logs, server performance counters, and SNMP MIB information. The data collected will help us identify and respond to security breaches, viruses, performance bottlenecks, hacking attempts, resource utilization, and make recommendations for future upgrades, migrations, and improvements. These key performance indicators include all servers, workstations, and network devices in your network environment.

Monitoring Service Highlights:

  • 24x7 network and device monitoring and alerting
  • Network quality and performance monitoring
  • Device, Computer, and Server Uptime monitoring
  • Security analysis and policy development
  • Managed Workplace with 24x7 monitoring status

Monitoring services also ensure both R&B Web Solutions support personnel and/or your companies support personnel are on the same page when requesting telephone or on-site help desk support. Protect your asset investments with a monitoring service you can rely on.

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