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Internet & Telephone Services

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We are an HughesNet certified installer and have also partnered with many national internet service providers. These partners include Covad Communications Inc., Qwest Inc., HughesNet, Comcast, Verizon, and many many more! We have partnered with these ISP's in order to provide our clients with premier Internet Access services and business telephony services throughout the United States.* Through our partners and associates we offer internet access solutions for both Residential and Business Users, ranging from dial-up services, DSL and Cable internet access to Dedicated access T-1 lines, and basic telephony services.

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Our Partners & Associates provide the following services:

      • Local Telephone Service - including toll-free extended calling area service
      • Enhanced Calling Features - like caller I.D., 3-way conferencing, and more
      • Long Distance Service - domestic and international plans
      • High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet Access (ADSL & SDSL Services Provided)
      • High-Speed Cable Internet Access
      • Dial-Up Internet Access
      • Voice Messaging - offering a host of voice mail features
      • Toll-Free Services - 800/877/888 inbound calling
      • T1 Services - including ISDN/PRI and DS1 circuits
      • Integrated T1 Services providing both Internet & Phone Services
      • Conference Calling - reservationless, on-demand conference calling service
      • Global Advantage Calling Cards - for the business traveler
      • Low-Cost and easy to install all-in-one PBX/Router/Web Server Systems.
      • Low-Cost Virtual PBX Phone Systems.
      • Automated Telephone Systems.

| Realtime DSL - Cable - T-1 Service Quotes | General Internet - Telephone Service Qutes |
| HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Quotes |

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